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Rotary Opens Opportunities


2020 is a very challenging year for mankind. We are among the lucky ones as the Pandemic here is relatively mild in Hong Kong, Macau and Mongolia.


We are expecting economic downturn in many parts of the world. There will be more people suffering from poor hygiene and starvation in the communities.


Our way of meeting has adapted to online taking on the challenges during the pandemic. We even finished our training events with the addition of online mode. For the first time ever we started to broadcast our events to Macau and Mongolia. Online meetings are becoming the new norm ranging from club meetings, installation ceremony, and anniversary to service projects such as micro-fiction competition and arts competition, etc. This just proves that we can adjust according to the condition. Some club having had to adopt the online meeting approach even increased their member’s attendance online.


The Theme for Rotary International 2020/21 is Rotary Open opportunities. We are opening opportunities for all in need.  Let’s be proactive and become known as the people who spot opportunities for positive change that no one else sees. Let’s join hands to make a difference.


The District Focus is on health, peace and environment. We need to promote health among ourselves and our beneficiaries. We are planning to have a peace camp to promote peace to our young generation. We need to be aware of preserving our planet in every aspect as Rotary International already put environment into the Area of Focus. Let’s become a green District.


This is the moment that we open opportunity to connect people around the world to make greater impact and let people know what Rotary is all about. This is the opportunity for innovative ideas of meetings, service projects and trainings. This year we put emphasis on collaboration with the local and international community such as the local volunteer organisations, chamber of commerce, university, government, sister clubs and other Districts.  We can do projects in any parts of the world. We should plan our projects, with innovative and sustainable ideas.


Engage your family, friends and colleagues to Rotary.  Opening opportunities for them to learn about what Rotary is. Invite them to join Rotary clubs, Rotaract, Rotary Community Corps and all our events. Welcoming talents and community leaders to Rotary. Rotary is evolving, so lets bind together to be part of Rotary’s present, future and history.


Eric Chak

District Governor

Rotary International District 3450

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Rotary Club of Kowloon Tong

Partner, SCS Global Audit & Co, Global Partner, since 2003
Director, SCS Global Consulting (HK) Ltd., Director, since 2003
Director, D & N (HK) Ltd, Director, since 2011
President, Rotary Club of Kowloon Tong, 2012-13
Assistant Governor, Area 8, 2014-15
Chairman, Intercity Meeting, 2014-15
Chairman, District Peace Committee, 2015-16

Mr. Cheng attained Bachelor Degree in History & Political Science at the University of Hong Kong in 1989. His subsequent job opportunities lay in Japan in the securities and hi-tech consultation sectors, where he could take the chance to complete a course on Japanese language and business studies at the Keio University in 1991.

Rotary Connects the World

On return to Hong Kong, Mr. Cheng took further studies leading to the award of MBA in Banking and Finance by the University of Hull in 1999 and professional accounting by the City University of Hong Kong in 2000. Public accounting services then became Mr. Cheng’s business focus. His professionalism has been demonstrated by meeting the qualification of Certified Public Accountant since 2002 and Certified Tax Advisor since 2004. His expertise further developed in that he was the founding partner of the SCS Global Consulting (HK) Limited and the SCS Global Audit & Company, where he has respectively been a Director and a Global Partner since 2003.

Mr. Cheng’s Rotary days were given birth in 2009 when he was a chartered member of the Rotary Club of Kowloon Tong. He assumed the presidency of the Club in 2012-13, and took the office of Assistant Governor of Area 8 in 2014-15. His dedication for Rotary services had been diversified as illustrated by various well recognized commitments, including his award of Outstanding President, his establishment of Matching Grant in support of Water Project of Area 8, his participation in staging school debate competition, his assistance in assessing District Grants, and his membership in District Conference Organizing Committee. Moreover, he chaired the organizing of the Intercity Meeting and co-chaired the District Foundation Lunch in 2014-15 and then chaired the District Peace Committee in 2015-16.

2019 saw Mr. Cheng succeeding as the District Governor of Rotary International District 3450 for 2019-20.


Hello all Rotarians!

It is indeed my unique honor to be your District Governor and to serve all Rotarians and the youths in Rotary, namely the Rotaractors and Interactors in the Rotary Year 2018-19.

RI President Barry Rassin has adopted “BE THE INSPIRATION” to be our Year Strategic Logo. He calls upon us firstly to Be The Inspiration before we can inspire others for the Rotary Values. Hence, we have the mission to be THE WALKING EXAMPLES illustrating the 5 Core Values and the 4 Objects of Rotary.

And RI President Barry Rassin also emphasizes, we must work harder than ever before we can inspire our ROTARACTORS to be our VITAL FORCE in the World of Rotary. This, brings our Youth Service to a high platform with the great mission to transform our Rotaractors into Rotarians beyond the usual practices.


This year the RI three Strategic Goals are the same as in last year and also the year before last, with essential adjustments under each category. From this, the RI message to us is that we have to :

  1. Sharpen these three strategic focus ;
  2. Streamline our District revenues to sustain them ; and
  3. Uphold them without distraction every year.

We hope by the above, our District and Rotary, finally after yearly endeavours will succeed in bringing : –

  1. A sustained and substantial membership growth ;
  2. Branding of Rotary is succeeded in our community ;
  3. More good can be done to make our community a better place to live by the Humanitarian

Services through our Rotary Clubs.

Conforming with RI, we put the lead of our District Strategic Planning Committee (DSPC) in the hands of the Central Steering Core comprising of Immediate Past Governor, District Governor, Governor Elect, Governor Nominee, and Governor Nominee Designate once elected who together are assisted by their respective selected senior Rotarians in the Committee.

This formation provides that the future planning of our District is steered in the hands of immediate past, current and future leaders for wide perspectives, innovation, sustainability, and adaptability to our ever changing community around us.

I must thank all of our District Officers, including all of the District Advisors, District Leaders, Assistant Governors Team, District Secretarial Team, District Committees Team, and also all the Club Presidents and Club Leaders together with our supporting staffs in RIC, because we are ALL IN ONE in front of the need to succeed our RI Yearly Strategic Goals.

Final but not the least, we are endeavouring not just for this Rotary Year. As in any past years, we CONNECT, WITH FUTURE that our endeavors are only laying another concrete foundation to our successors in the next and many many next years of our Rotary District.

Thank you once again for all who have dedicated their precious time, minds, and monies in exhibiting Rotary, in being THE WALKING EXAMPLES OF ROTARY to BE THE INSPIRATION.

Best Regards from My Heart,

Dr HO, Yu Cheung
District Governor
Rotary Year 2018-19
Rotary District 3450

2018-19 地區總監提言




國際扶輪社長拉辛Barry Rassin 提倡「成為勵志領導者」作為年度目標。他呼籲我們先成為勵志領導者,才能感染我們週邊的人們,以實踐扶輪的價值。所以,我們秉持了這個心志,用自己實踐扶輪的例子,以彰顯扶輪的五大核心價值及四大宗旨。




  1. 每年堅實地秉持這三大策略目標;
  2. & 3. 運用地區資源以持續地專注地每年都貫徹始終。


  1. 一個持續及大量的社員増長;
  2. 在社區中為扶輪確立品牌;
  3. 更好地通過各社的人道計劃,使社會成為更美好的居住社區。


這個組成方法,使地區未來策略計劃,掌握在剛卸任、現任和未來總監手中, 冀有創意地,持續性地,以適應我們週遭不斷變化的社會。









HW Fung

Hing Wang FUNG, SBS
District Governor 2017-18

Chairman of THE ONE HK, 2014-17,
Assistant Governor (Area 2), 2013-14
District Secretary (Committees), 2012-13,
Rotarian of the Year, 2012-13
President of Rotary Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong, 2011-12
Commissioner for Census & Statistics, HKSAR Government, 2005-2011


Mr. FUNG graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a First Class Honour degree of Bachelor of Social Science (in Economics and Statistics) in 1973, and obtained a Master Degree of Social Science (in Public Administration) from the same university in 1983.  He is a Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society of the United Kingdom, and an elected member of the International Statistical Institute.


Mr. FUNG joined the Census and Statistics Department as a Statistician in 1974.  He was appointed the Commissioner for Census and Statistics in 2005 and retired in September 2011.  He was awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star by the HKSAR Government in July 2011.

Mr. FUNG has been an active member in both the local and international statistical communities. He was President of the Hong Kong Statistical Society (HKSS) during 1994-1996 and awarded Honorary Membership by the HKSS in 2005.  He has been Chairman of the Examination Board of the HKSS for the statistical profession examination since 2002.  He is currently a member of the Advisory Board on Ethics of the International Statistical Institute.

Mr. FUNG had served as chairman and member of various advisory committees of faculties and departments of universities in Hong Kong.  He was a member of the Hong Kong Hang Seng Stock Index Advisory Committee during 2006-2014.  He is at present a member of the Advisory Council on AIDS of the HKSAR Government.

Mr. FUNG has been an active and dedicated Rotarian since he joined the Rotary Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong in 2006, where he became President in 2011-12.  He served as District Secretary of Rotary District 3450 in 2012-13.  He was given the award of Rotarian of the Year in 2012-13.  He was Assistant Governor of Area 2 in Rotary District 3450 in 2013-14.  He also served as Secretary in the District Committee on Guangdong Extension and Vice Chair of the District Committee on Organ Donation.  He was Chairman of THE ONE Hong Kong during 2014-2017.

Mr. Fung is a Level Two Major Donor and a member of the Paul Harris Society of the Rotary Foundation

He and Irene have been married for 34 years and have two sons and one daughter.

PDG Eric Chin 1

DG Eric Chin BioDr. Eric Chin

District Governor, RI D3450 2016-2017
Chief District Secretary 2013-2014
DAG (Area 3) and Deputy Membership Committee Chair 2012-2013
President, RC of Hong Kong Island East 2011-2012
Founder and Chief Executive, Futurecyber Technology Solution Ltd. (since 1992)


Eric Chin earned 3 Master degrees: from Stirling University UK (MBA), and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (MSc in Information System Management and MSc. in E-Commerce Management), and was awarded Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree by Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is a Visiting Lecturer of MBA in School of Business and Consultant-in-Residence in Business Consulting Practicum, University of Hong Kong. 

Eric is an entrepreneur operating a master franchise business from USA in Information Communication Technology education for over 20 years, and is a partner of University of Cambridge (International Examination) UK in Hong Kong.  Eric has been active in Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce since 1993 and currently is the Chairman of the Digital, Information and Telecommunication Committee. Eric is also a Chairman in the DBA Alumni Association in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Regarding Public Services, Eric had served in committee in OFTA and Education Bureau, and as a mentor to SME for 10 years. Eric is also a member of The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon.

Eric joined Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East in 2006. As President in 2011-2012, he scored over 40 Recognitions and Awards from RI and District. As a result, Eric won President of The Year and Rotary Club of the Year awards. He was also nominated as outstanding Rotaract club advisers in year 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.

Eric is a Level Two Major Donor and a member of the Paul Harris Society of the Rotary Foundation.  He and Christine have been married for 29 years and have 2 daughters and 1 son. Their eldest daughter is the Past President of Rotaract Club of HK Island East.


2016-17 地區總監 

2013-14 首席地區秘書

2012-13 副助理地區總監 (第三地域) 及地區社員發展委員會副主委

2011-12 香港東區扶輪社社長

1992-現在 為富卓數碼科技有限公司(1992創立)的創辦人及首席行政執行官







他與太太 Christine 結婚29年,育有二女一子。長女為香港東區扶輪青年服務團之前社長。

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