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We have tried to make the form as straight forward as we can.

Here is a video link that we hope helps with filling in the form. You Tube

Don’t forget to Log In (on the Home Page) or you will not get far. Only known Rotarians can access the form.

The membership attendance percentage often causes problems so we have included a calculator if you want to use it. It is at the bottom of the form.
If you have the figure already just enter it in the correct box.

We need to know who is filling in the form, when its done we will send you an email with the entries we recorded.
The form can also send a copy to designated members for each area. If you want to use this select your Area to copy it to your AG.

If you have a change in membership then record the number added or departed. The correct number of boxes will open on the form please add the details. As much as possible please. OK if there is no Chinese name you can lave it blank but most of the rest is required and you must still tell Rotary International. Remember your Club dues and International dues are based on this figure.

Any problems give you DS a call, or RIC or website Admin

 You can find the form here



If you would like to use the calculator independently of the form as a page or as a widget you can find it here: calculation

T1718EN PMS C 2

District 3450 has a Twitter Account:

Definition: A Tweet is a 140-character message posted via Twitter. 

To post a Tweet via the web:

  1. Sign in to your Twitter account.
  2. Type your Tweet into the box on the left side of your screen, or click the blue compose new Tweet button in the top navigation bar. It looks like this: 
  3. Make sure your update is fewer than 140 characters. We’ll count the characters for you! Remaining characters show up as a number below the box.
  4. Click the Tweet button to post the Tweet to your profile. 
  5. You will immediately see your Tweet in the timeline on your homepage.

To post a Tweet via text message (SMS):

Another way (some say the best way!) to post updates is from your mobile phone. First, connect your phone with your Twitter account, then simply send your Tweet as a text message to your appropriate Twitter short code the same way you’d send any other text message. Remember to count your characters!

To delete a Tweet:

  • To delete a Tweet that you have posted, please read this article.
  • Note that you can only delete Tweets which you posted yourself from your account.
  • You cannot delete Tweets which were posted by other accounts. Instead, you can unfollow or block users whose tweets you do not want to receive.
  • If you are trying to delete a retweet you can read this article to learn more about undo a retweet.

T1718EN PMS C 2

Go to the Flickr website and sign in. (top right)
Use the Photo Gallery link on our site if you like or
Here are the credentials you need.

Only CDS, Webmasters and RIC to use this.
Use the upload function (top middle) ( you can also use loaders from programs like Adobe Lightroom, and iPhoto) it can drag and drop from your computer.

Kindly use Sets for a group of photos from a single event and include as much information as reasonable. If a lot no-one  will expect a detail of every photo.
I think 500 is the max number of pictures for each set. It will take huge files, but you may like to limit to 2400 pixels for the longest side. Is quicker and more than adequate.
Please only load pictures the correct way around.

So sets are alike, from a single days pictures and a single event.
Please set to Public the viewing rights, unless you need Private.

We can make albums from selected photos in Sets. a technique for later.
If you add Tags, such as year (2012), Event (Installation) (RC Macau) then we can search for them easily.
Less work later and you can do this for the whole set, please include the original owner in the tag (Peter Pang) so we know who to thank.
Some programs (like iPhoto) will identify faces and can include this information, nice to have but do not make your life miserable by try to do this on your own.
If you are familiar with this technique then feel free to use it, otherwise be happy that you have made a valuable contribution just by including the photos.

Once you have tried this you may wish to elaborate on the procedure, we can discuss and write a best use guide.
Do call me if you need any help.

Many thanks

DDS David

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