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Community Service Projects

RI President Richard King has requested that all Rotary Clubs report on the Community Service projects that they are undertaking during the Rotary year 2001-2002. You can update your club’s list of projects on-line. To find out how; email the webmaster.

 Message from PDG Dipo Sani regarding Community Service Programs

Admiralty  (0 projects submitted)  
BayanZurkh 100  (0 projects submitted)  
Bayview Sunshine Hong Kong  (10 projects submitted) view projects
Causeway Bay  (4 projects submitted) view projects
Central  (0 projects submitted)  
Channel Islands  (6 projects submitted) view projects
City Northwest Hong Kong  (0 projects submitted)  
E-Club of District 3450  (0 projects submitted)  
Guia (Macau)  (0 projects submitted)  
Happy Valley  (3 projects submitted) view projects
Hong Kong  (0 projects submitted)  
Hong Kong Bayview  (0 projects submitted)  
Hong Kong City North  (1 projects submitted) view projects
Hong Kong Financial Centre  (0 projects submitted)  
Hong Kong Harbour  (2 projects submitted) view projects
Hong Kong Island East  (1 projects submitted) view projects
Hong Kong Island West  (0 projects submitted)  
Hong Kong North  (0 projects submitted)  
Hong Kong Northeast  (0 projects submitted)  
Hong Kong Northwest  (0 projects submitted)  
Hong Kong South  (2 projects submitted) view projects
Hong Kong Sunrise  (1 projects submitted) view projects
Hou Kuong (Macau)  (0 projects submitted)  
Kai Tak  (0 projects submitted)  
Khuree  (0 projects submitted)  
Kingspark Hong Kong  (0 projects submitted)  
Kowloon  (3 projects submitted) view projects
Kowloon East  (6 projects submitted) view projects
Kowloon Golden Mile  (5 projects submitted) view projects
Kowloon North  (6 projects submitted) view projects
Kowloon Northeast  (0 projects submitted)  
Kowloon Northwest  (0 projects submitted)  
Kowloon Tong  (0 projects submitted)  
Kowloon West  (0 projects submitted)  
Kwai Chung  (4 projects submitted) view projects
Kwun Tong  (6 projects submitted) view projects
Lan Kwai Fong  (0 projects submitted)  
Lion Rock  (0 projects submitted)  
Macau  (9 projects submitted) view projects
Macau Central  (0 projects submitted)  
Macau Islands  (0 projects submitted)  
Metropolitan Hong Kong  (0 projects submitted)  
Mid-Level  (3 projects submitted) view projects
New Territories  (7 projects submitted) view projects
Niislel  (0 projects submitted)  
Peninsula  (0 projects submitted)  
Peninsula South  (5 projects submitted) view projects
Peninsula Sunrise  (3 projects submitted) view projects
Quarry Bay  (1 projects submitted) view projects
Queensway  (0 projects submitted)  
Selbe  (0 projects submitted)  
Shatin  (0 projects submitted)  
Shouson Hill  (0 projects submitted)  
SoHo HK  (0 projects submitted)  
Tai Po  (7 projects submitted) view projects
Taipa  (0 projects submitted)  
Tamir  (0 projects submitted)  
The Peak  (3 projects submitted) view projects
Tolo Harbour  (7 projects submitted) view projects
Tsim Sha Tsui   (0 projects submitted)  
Tsuen Wan  (2 projects submitted) view projects
Tuul  (0 projects submitted)  
Ulaanbaatar  (0 projects submitted)  
Victoria  (0 projects submitted)  
Wanchai  (0 projects submitted)  
Zuunmod  (0 projects submitted)  

T1718EN PMS C 2

The completion of the Basketball Tournament marks the end of all the District Sports and Recreation Events for this Rotary year. RC Admiralty is the champion of Best Performance followed by RC Tai Po and RC Hou Kuong. Three Clubs have participated in all the 12 events and they are: RC Admiralty, Tai Po and Tsuen Wan.

03-04 DG Cup challenge – Results and Scores Updated 2nd June 2004
This is an Excel file containing the latest results and scores for both for performance and participation.
Results of the District Basketball Tournament
Hosted by RC of Kowloon Northeast and held on 30 May 2004 (Sunday) at the Harbour Road Sports Centre, Wanchai. The tournament was completed in an atmosphere of friendliness and sportsmanship. There were a total of 8 teams competing and the top 4 places go to RC Kowloon Northeast, NT+Shatin, Kingspark HK and Tolo Harbour. C.S. and Crystal Leung won the parent-and-child goal shooting matches.
District Bowling Tournament – Scores 
hosted by RC Kwai Chung at the Olympian Super Fun Bowl on 18 April 2004. A total of 14 clubs participated taking up all of the 22 lanes on site! All players and their family have had an enjoyable morning!
The District Golf Tournament – Results | Photos
Hosted by the Rotary Club of Channel Islands on 19 November 2003 at the Hong Kong Golf Club


District Badminton Tournament – Results
The Rotary Club of Hong Kong hosted the District Badminton Tournament on 13
March 2004 (Saturday) at the Western Sports Centre.
District Tennis Tournament – Results
The District Tennis Tournament was hosted by RC of Kowloon Northeast on 22 February 2004 (Day 1 for Singles Events) and 7 March 2004 (Day 2 for Doubles and Children’s Event) at the Shek Kip Mei Park, Cornwall Street. Both days were fine and sunny and there were pretty close matches amongst the players. RC Kln NE catered the event for all Rotarians and their families by introducing ladies and children’s events.
Results of the District Sports Day
Held on 11 January 2004 at the Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground. Host Club RC of Tolo Harbour made it a fun day for all, especially for the inclusion of some novel family relay events. A total of 24 clubs participated. For the Clubs’ overall results, Admiralty was first, followed by Tolo Harbour and Tai Po. Individual championships went to Tony Choi (Admiralty) and Claire Mak (Tai Po). Details of the results (sorted according to clubs, individuals and events respectively) can be found in the above excel file.
The District Mahjong Tournament
Hosted by the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest at the Craigengower Cricket Club on 29th November 2003.
The District Table Tennis Tournament – Updated 30th Jan 2004
Hosted by the Rotary Club of Kowloon West on 7 December 2003 at the Wai Tsuen Sports Centre.
District Karaoke Contest – Schedule of Participants
This is the schedule of the participants (with winners highlighted) of the District Karaoke Contest hosted by RC Kowloon West on 18th October 2003 at “Eyes”, Music Pub and Bar.
Results of the District Swimming Gala
This is an Excel file containing the results of the District Swimming Gala held on 29 September 2003 at the Ma On Shan Swimming Pool.
District Swimming Records
15 records were shattered this year: 3 by lady rotarian/spouse and the rest by children.

Swimming Gala Report & Result of Score Event
A powerpoint report on the event (5 megabytes)

2002-2003 Archives:

DG Cup challenge – Updated Results and Scores (updated 13th June)
This is an Excel file containing the latest results and scores for both for performance and participation.
District Badminton Tournament: Results | Complete Scorecard
Was held on Sunday the 23rd of February 2003 and hosted by the Rotary Club of Hong Kong.
District Mahjong Tournament Results
The District Mahjong Tournament was held on 18 January 2003 at the World Trade Centre Club and hosted by RC Mid-levels.
Results of the 2003 District Sports Day
The District Sports Day was hosted by RC Kingspark Hong Kong and held on 12 January 2003 at the HKU Stanley Ho Sports Stadium, Sandy Bay. Microsoft Excel format.
District Mahjong Tournament Attendance
The District Mahjong Tournament was held on 18 January 2003 at the World Trade Centre Club and hosted by RC Mid-levels. Microsoft Excel format.
Report of the District Tennis Tournament
A report on the Tournament held on 1st and 15th December 2002. Microsoft Word format.
District Bowling Tournament Results
The results of the District Bowling Tournament held on 3rd November 2002 at the Mei Foo Super Fun Bowl. Microsoft Excel format.
The Results of the District Golf Tournament
The list of participating clubs and the results of the District Golf Tournament held on 11 October 2002 are now available in MS Excel format.
The 2002-2003 Swimming Gala Results / Report | Updated results from 01-02
Are now available for online in several formats for easy viewing.
District Governor’s Cups To Award Best Sports Performance
The District Sports & Recreation Committee was pleased to announce that District Governor Gloria Chan has sponsored 2 Champion Cups to award Clubs for the best sports performance during the year.
Result from the 2002 District Sports Day
Are now available in MS Excel format…

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 ‘Peace Through Service’

is 2012-13 RI theme

By Megan Ferringer and Arnold R. Grahl 
Rotary International News — 16 January 2012  

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