Beyond Sex and Sexuality with Meditation

Maggie talks about the naked side of sex and sexuality and what meditation has to do with this awkward subject. 

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Pink is a professional artist of Korean style make-up and hairstyling. Being one of few local stylists who has actually lived and studied in South Korea, she does not only have outstanding make-up techniques but also has extensive understanding of Korean culture. She has been acting as the chief make-up stylist for various occasions including beauty contests, fashion shows, music contests, TV commercials and many official events. She is also invited by a local fashion magazine as a blogger for sharing Korean life style and culture.

Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Korean PinkEvolution

Pink Hau – Pink Evolution首席化妝造型師

Pink是一名專業韓式化妝及髮型設計造型師。 數年前曾於南韓生活並負笈學藝, 精於韓式化妝技巧並對韓國文化潮流多有心得。 彼曾被邀擔任多項大型活動之化妝造型師,包括選美比賽、 時裝表演、歌唱比賽、電視廣告及其他大型活動。 彼現時亦為某本地潮流雜誌之專欄作家, 主要分享韓流文化及生活品味。


有關伍兆聰 – 香港註冊脊醫資歷

伍兆聰,香港註冊脊醫,畢業於美國德州脊骨神經科醫學院 (Parker College of Chiropractic),考獲脊骨神經科醫學士學位。


注意: 以下資歷與脊醫專業無關, 只供讀者參考之用

另外,他更於加拿大麥馬斯達大學考獲社會學文學士學位,他更修讀香港大學專業進修學院修畢針灸專業進修證書課程。此外,伍兆聰更是德國認可Schroth脊柱側彎治療師、美國國家運動醫學學會姿態矯正運動專科教練 (NASM® – Corrective Exercises Specialist)、美國國家運動醫學學會人體功能表現提升運動專科教練 (NASM® – Performance Enhancement Specialist)、美國國家運動醫學學會認可體適能健康私人教練 (NASM®- Certified Personal Trainer)、美國認可普拉提運動教練 (Spencer Pilates® Instructor)、美國認可瑜珈運動教練 (Sports Yoga® Instructor)、美國認可運動創傷專科教練 (Sports Injury Specialist)及英國認可阿歷山大技術姿勢矯正專科教練 (Alexander Technique Specialist)。同時,他也是香港執業脊醫協會會員及香港兒童脊科基金榮譽顧問。

 Wu Zhaocong – Hong Kong registered chiropractor qualifications:

Wu Zhaocong, Hong Kong registered chiropractor, graduated from Texas Chiropractic College of General Practitioners (Parker College of Chiropractic), obtained a bachelor’s degree in chiropractic doctors.

other qualifications:

Note: The following professional qualifications regardless of chiropractors, is for the readers reference

He attended McMaster University, Canada Bachelor of sociology text,  the University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Professional Acupuncture completed Certificate Course.

In Germany 伍兆聪 recognized Schroth scoliosis therapist, the National Institute of Sports Medicine posture correction movement specialist coach (NASM® – Corrective Exercises Specialist), the US National Academy of Sports Medicine features to enhance the performance of human movement specialist coach (NASM® – Performance Enhancement Specialist), recognized by the National Institute of Sports Medicine Health Fitness personal trainer (NASM®- Certified Personal Trainer), the United States recognized Pilates instructor (Spencer Pilates® Instructor), the United States recognized yoga trainer (Sports Yoga® Instructor) US recognition of sports injuries specialist coaches (Sports Injury Specialist) and the United Kingdom Accreditation ALEXANDRIA technology movement specialist coach (Alexander Technique Specialist). He is also a practicing chiropractor in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Association of Children’s Fund ridge Branch Honorary Advisor.

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