Club Secretary


  • Attend Secretary Training Section at PETS and District Training Assembly
  • Work with out-going secretary on hand over matters


Your responsibilities are summarized below:

  •     Keeping records
    •     Your club constitution and bylaws
    •     Club archive and library
    •     Maintain documentation of club activities during your term
  • Using My Rotary to perform Rotary business online (eg. update officers, membership).
  • Attending District Conference
  • Work with the Club President to select a delegate to attend RI Convention.
  • Sending out notices of meetings of the club, board, and committees.
  • Recording and maintaining minutes of club, board, and committee meetings.
  • Update the record of office bearers with Registrar of Societies ( HK Police Force) or the Registrar of Companies, depending on whether the club is registered under the Society Ordinance or the Company Ordinance.
  • Making required reports to RI and your district:



Submission Deadline

Semiannual reportRI, with a copy of the worksheet sent to the district governor1 July and 1 January
Monthly attendance report of club meetingsDistrict governorWithin 15 days following the last meeting of the month
Changes in membership RI and District GovernorOngoing
Visiting Rotarians attendance reportsRotary club of visitorOngoing
Rotarian Relocation FormRI and District GovernorOngoing
Club information changesRI and District governorOngoing
Official DirectoryRI and District Governor31 December

• Working with other club leaders
-You and the president must work as a team to ensure that the club operates effectively.
-You and the president-elect should also meet with current officers to assess the state of the club and the status of ongoing projects and activities.
-You should work closely with the treasurer to arrive at a mutual understanding of club operations, particularly the division of various responsibilities and preparation of RI reports.
-You should work closely with the Club Administration Committee, which conducts activities
associated with the effective operation of the club.
-You should work closely with the Club Membership Committee on “Proposing and Electing new members”.
•Performing any other duties that usually pertain to the office of secretary.


Club Secretary’s Manual

Be a Vibrant Club:
Your Club Leadership Plan –

Standard Rotary Club Constitution

Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws

Semiannual Report documents

Resource Person

CDS – PP Alice Tsang


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