DG Newsletter, October 2012

Message from District Governor

For many Rotarians, Rotary is more than just passion to serve or a mean to change the world.  It is a way of life, one that brings you unlimited friendship, the fulfillments and honor of being part of a meaningful purpose. There is always something about Rotary that touches our hearts.
Rotary International (RI) President Tanaka told me during his recent visit that his love and respect of Rotary grew only after a Rotary leader spoke about the idea of vocational service at his club meeting two years after he joined the Rotary club of Yashio.

October is designated as vocational service month for Rotarians. In Rotary we consider our vocation as an opportunity to serve and we always seek to recognize the honor and respect due to all occupations which are useful to society.
Under the leadership of District Vocational Service Committee Chair, Past District Governor(PDG) Dipo Sani, two well-attended vocational events were held in October.

At the Vocational Excellence Award dinner, three distinguished members from each of the three services, namely Police force, Fire services and medical services were honored and awarded for their exemplary and selfless service to the public.
Mr William Fung, Group chairman of Li &Fung Ltd, a highly successful Hong Kong based global trading group was invited as key note speaker at the district vocational lunch.

The Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair, Past RI President Wilfrid Wilkinson visited Hong Kong and Macau in early October.  Trustee Chair Wilkinson traveled to Macau and had a very fruitful meeting with deputy director general of the Ministry of Foreign Affair office and introduced Rotary and its contribution to international understanding and world peace.

Trustee Wilkinson was very pleased to recognize two generous Rotarians and Arch Klump society members, Past President (PP) Paul Iec of Rotary Club (RC) of Hou Kuong in Macau and PDG Hari Harilela of RC of Kowloon in Hong Kong.
An intercity meeting was held to honor the visit of Trustee chair Wilkinson to our district, in his inspiring address, he expressed gratitude for the generosity of Rotarians in District 3450 in supporting The Rotary Foundation in spite of the prevailing global financial challenges.  During the remaining part of the intercity meeting, our Trustee Chair handed certificates to another Arch Klump society member, PDG Peter Wong and many more new and multi-level major donors. Trustee chair Wilkinson has given us much motivation and he left our district with fond memory.

Big thanks to District Governor Elect Eugene, District Foundation Chair PDG Peter Wan, Assistant Governor Eddie Wong and Presidents of clubs in Area 3 for a perfectly executed program of activities.  PDG Peter Wong did a fantastic job as aide to Trustee Chair Wilkinson.

After years of preparation, Future Vision Plan (FVP) will supersede the existing foundation grant structure as from July 1, 2013.  The FVP enables us to carry out matching grants projects with bigger impact and more relevant to the needs of the world today.  More flexible application regime and improved stewardship are the key features of FVP.
Preparation is key to success; the work to prepare our Rotarians for a smooth transition to FVP has started almost a year ago.  A series of FVP mini workshops to disseminate the basics of the new grant structure have been organized by our FVP Transition Committee Chair, PP Kenneth Chow.

For the remaining stretch to FVP, the first of the two FVP grant management seminars took place on the October 20 attended by 97 Rotarians from 46 clubs in Hong Kong, Macau and Mongolia.
Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) takes on a new look this year with program of activities spanning over four months.

Launched in late October, this RYLA aims to instill to its hundred strong participants skills in communication, building trust and team works with others, these are the essential qualities of a true leader.  Through discovering Rotary, participants appreciate integrity and the need to build peace and harmony.  RYLA Chair PP Carol and her team seek to make a difference in RYLA.

Scorching sun is giving way to the autumn breeze, setting the stage for the annual District 10K race and district golf tournament which we have more than 110 golfers have signed up. Rotary Zone institute will be held in Selangor, Malaysia. I look forward to November with keen anticipation.

Kenneth Wong

District Governor 2012-13

Rotary International District 3450
(Hong Kong, Macau and Mongolia)

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