District Grant & Global Grant 2013/4

Dear Club Presidents and District Leaders,

The Stewardship Sub-Committee of the DRFC has been handling the club qualification process since April this year in order to let them qualify for the application for District Grant or Global Grant in 2013/2014, but up to now many clubs qualifications are still working in process and have not yet completed. 

PDG Jason Chan will be sending out his invitation to all President to invite them to submit their applications for District Grant shortly, but please be reminded that clubs should complete their qualification process before they can apply for the Grant funds.  They have to be qualified as well before they can apply for any Global Grant or be a partner of Global Grant applications.  The Stewardship Sub-Committee will notify the Grants Committee about the status of each club’s qualification before the application of the District Grant can be processed.

I would like to ask all presidents to speed up with the completion of the qualification requirements as soon as possible and I attach a checklist for qualification for your quick reference.  If you need any assistance you are welcome to contact PP Dominic Ko for help at 9490 0995 or dominic.ko@ualpha.com.


Dominic Ko

Member of Stewardship Sub-Committee of DRFC 2013/2014


Checklist for Club Qualification for 2013-2014

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