Emotional ties to the Rotary, Final Program

Lights Wheel “Episode 13 finale
Broadcast time :1 -4-2013
[The wheel of Lights] program founded by Lion Rock Rotary Club to the last episode of the first paragraph.
In this set of emotional ties to the Rotary, our host about personal feelings on this show, and notice the Lion Rock Rotary Club and Rotary International District 3450 will be held in the program. In this, our charge the heart grateful you Rotary Club Rotarian and audience for us to support more than one month! Please continue to listen to the show!
Lights Wheel “by Rotary International District 3450 (Hong Kong, Macau and the Republic of Mongolia) Branch — Lion Rock Rotary Club with the cooperation of the” Power Creative Media “online radio programs through a new program to promote international service The organization “Rotary International” to promote peace and love, and to create an ideal world of the spirit through the work of social services.
Regardless of the Rotary Club and even the audience interested in the past changes [Lights wheel of] are worthy of network station you listen to a program.


Michael Tam
President 2012-2013
RC of Lion Rock
Mobile: (852) 90243623
(86) 13430988639

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