File Upload Area

This page informs you on how to submit files for use in District 3450

Currently Files for upload to the website should be:

  1. Submitted to RIC
  2. Uploaded on this page
    1. you must be logged in for this function to work
    2. you must have been given Approval by the Web Admin team for this function
    • If you do not see the uploaded form on this page and you need the function contact RIC

For large files or groups of files you may contact the website administrator for further details.

  • Fill in the descriptive fields first, if empty default values will be set.
    • We try to maintain the name of the file as given.
  • Please select the Category from the Drop Down List ( look for similar files in the download area if you are unsure )
  • Please supply a Title
  • A description would be beneficial
  • Other fields may be left Blank at this time, if you think you need to specify the language please do
  • Then drag your files to the download window or browse and select. Wait for the process to complete.

Once a file is submitted it can be found in the Download Area, whether it is visible will depend upon the Category chosen.

Can you add a file like this to an article such as a Post or a Page?

  Yes, in the Editor there is a button for this .. btnShown on the left.



Logging In