Paul Harris Society

Paul Harris Society:

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Every year Rotarians from every corner of the globe work to make our goal of world peace and understanding a reality through the projects and programs of our Rotary Foundation. Our Foundation’s ability to serve humanity is limitless as long as we participate in both hands-on projects and give our financial support.

District Rotary Foundation Chairman PDG John Wan and I cordially extend our invitation to you and your Club members to become a

Charter Member of The Paul Harris Society of Rotary International District 3450

Beginning this Rotary year, every donor who annually contributes US$1,000 to The Rotary Foundation will be awarded membership of the Paul Harris Society. Society members will receive a special Certificate of Recognition and a distinctive gold and blue lapel banner which can be worn with their Rotary pin.

District 3450 is graced with many Rotarians who have the capability of becoming Society members. Please share this information with your club members and join us in the formation of this exciting new program that will build a stronger Rotary Foundation. For your information, 55 districts in USA have already established a Paul Harris Society with members totaling 1,696.

As witnessed by PDG Dens Shao, Regional Rotary Foundation Co-ordinator, District 3450 will officially launch the establishment of the Paul Harris Society in the District Rotary Foundation Seminar on 5 th November, 2005. All Society Charter members are invited for recognition in the launching ceremony.

A Paul Harris Society Pledge Form together with the Guideline on the Paul Harris Society are enclosed for your attention. Please return the completed form to Rotary Information Centre.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and your continued support of the programs of the Rotary Foundation.

You Make the Difference!

Yours in Rotary

Peter Wan
Governor 2005-2006
District 3450

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