Introduction of RAAS

Introduction of Rotary Adopt a School Programme

In the year 2005, Past RI President Carl Wilhelm Stenhammar proposed World Literacy in Action and encouraged every Rotary Club in our Rotary World to consider adopting a School.


Past District Governor Peter Wan initiated the idea of Rotary Adopt A School project to all Rotary clubs of our district.He formed the committee and was the first Chairman of Rotary Adopt A School programme, working with the Education Bureau as our service partner.

The First Signing Ceremony was officiated by Professor Arthur Li and then District Governor Tony Wongwhich was held on 4 October, 2006 with 9 partnerships established involving 10 Rotary Clubs.

2a_Prof Arthur Li & PDG Tony Wong (1st Signing Ceremony in  2006

  • As at March 2014, 35 Rotary Clubs, 41 signed partnerships including 3 in Macao (Please refer to Appendix)
  • 8 years’ experiences gained
  • Positive feedback from participating Rotary Clubs and schools

RAAS: Nature

* Independently operated and administrated by its Organizing Committee with district support, no mandatory activities prescribed.
* Rotary Clubs and their Rotarians use their business and professional knowledge, skills and experiences to support schools, teachers and students.
* A project in response to the need of the current Education Reform, New Secondary School (NSS) and school development especially in Hong Kong.
* A visible community project in collaboration with the Education Bureau.
* Common activities undertaken so far: student / teacher mentorship, celebrity and career talks, students and parents workshops, vocational visits and language skills training etc.

RAAS: Critical Success Factors

* Alignment of interests and needs
* Open communication
* Active participation of Rotary Clubs & Rotarians
* District’s role as a facilitator
* Training support e.g. Mock Court, Mock Legislative Council, Civic Education, Careers Expo, Mock Interview etc

Why schools join RAAS?

*Rotary has always been seen as a trustworthy community partner with credibility and goodwill accumulated over years
* Rotary can offer valuable networks and resources which are not readily available to schools otherwise

Why Rotary Clubs join RAAS?

* A suggestion been seen by the public to have a role in supporting education and youth development
* Strengthen Rotary’s standing in our community

What commitment?

* “Service Above Self”

Significant activities organized before:

  1. Mock Court

Through the simulation activities of the Mock Court Programme, students are given the opportunities to understand the operation of the legal system, criminal prosecution and defence procedures, cultivate a critical way of thinking, broaden their exposure and learn from leading professionals including experienced barristers, magistrates and police officers.

This year, we have a new service partner, Customs and Excise Department involved and the Customs Headquarters Building Visit widened the learning scopes of students.

  1. Mock Legislative Council

With the help of IPP Jimmy Ma, who is Legal Adviser of the Legislative Council Secretariat,RAAS has a golden opportunity to hold Mock LegCo twice a year, one in May while the other in October.

The administrative committee provided information about the civic education activities organized by the Legislative Council Secretariat to encourage the participation of students.One of the aims was to enhance students’ understanding of the work of the legislature, to increase their public awareness and political interest.

  1. Sports Day for All (傷健共融運動日) – Rotary created a new Guinness World Recordof “The Longest Handshake Chain”

To promote public awareness to students on the needs and abilities of the people withvisual loss in sports training and competitions; the visually challenged regained their self-confidence through the participation and the success in sports competitions.

We recruited Rotarians, all family members under Rotary umbrella, 15 RAAS partnering schools with 1400 students/teachers/their family members and corporate staff as guides for visually impaired athletes.

A new Guinness World Record of “The Longest Handshake Chain” was created by 3,434 participants at 3:23 p.m. of 2nd November, 2013 at Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground, Hong Kong inclusive of Rotarians of Rotary International District 3450 and the visually challenged members of Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation, RAAS students in this first ever territory-wide event so as to build a harmonious society. Mrs LAM Cheng Yuet-ngor, Carrie, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary of Administration and many Guests of Honour officiated the ceremony.

2b_Guinness World Record created by District 3450 on 2 Nov 2013

  1. Carol Singing Festival – Non-stop Rotary Performance to support Child Development Matching Fund

It has been the 3rdconsecutive year that RAAS supported CDMF Carol Singing Festival with a marathon caroling event. Within these three years, our RAAS recruited over 3,000 performers and raised nearly HK$400,000 to support the disadvantaged youth in Hong Kong. The funds raised are used towards matching the personal savings of deprived youth, as a part of Child Development Fund, an internationally proven poverty alleviation programme. 

We had over 1,000 participants from RAAS partnering schools and Rotary family members to sing on 15December 2013. Besides carol singing, Non-stop Rotary Performance also included sessions of Chinese drama, poetry recital, and Kung Fu performance. This event provided a platform for students to show their talents and to support their disadvantaged peers.


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Introduction of RAAS Committee members

2013 /2014


DG Eugene Fong


DGE Belinda Yeung


PDG Moses Cheng


PDG Peter Wan


Rtn Pauline Ng

RAAS Chair:

PDG Tony Wong

Representative from Education Bureau:

Mr. Victor Kwok

Vice Chair (External):

IPP Jimmy Ma

Vice Chair (Internal):

PP Wendy Mung

Hon Secretary:

PP Wendy Mung

Hon Treasurer:

Rtn Christine Sung

Public Relations Subcom Chair:

PP Percy Cheng

Mock Court Subcom Chair:

PP Arthur Luk

Mock LegCo Subcom Chair:

PP Rosa Pang

Sports Subcom Chair:

PP Kenneth Chow

Educational Program Subcom Chair:

PP CF Wong

Environmental Program Subcom Chair:

President Mawin Cheung

Aviation Education Subcom Chair:

PP Lily Fenn

MUNA 2014 Subcom Chair:

PP Mitzi Leung

Training Program Subcom Chair:

VP Platteen Tsang

Bowling Tournament Subcom Chair:

AG Andy Li


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