Many FIRSTs in District 3450 of Rotary International

Many FIRSTs in District 3450 of Rotary International By Herbert K. Lau (劉敬恒) (Rotary China Historian)1 February 2020 District 3450 of Rotary International was inaugurated on 1 July 1960 when the code then was 3 digits of “345” only. Commencing 1 July 1991, all Rotary districts are to be identified with a 4-digit number system. This was initially accomplished by adding a zero at the end of each current District number. Since then, District 345 was changed to District 3450 until today.In 1960, the District 345 was originally compiled with 3 territories the:(1) Chinese province Taiwan; (2) British Crown Colony Hong Kong; and (3) Portuguese Territory Macao. While Hong Kong and Macao were the 2 remaining territories since1 July 1987 allocated for self-development of Rotary, the independent nation Mongolia (after 6.5 years of non-districted) later initiated to join the district 3450 on 1 July 2000.Further on, commencing 1 July 2013, the Chinese province Guangdong was included to the territory of District 3450, at the decision of the Board of Directors of Rotary International.1 July 1960 –30 June 1961The FIRSTDistrict 345 Governor –K.T. Kwo (郭克悌), President 1952-1953 of TaipeiRotary Club (臺北扶輪社), Taiwan(臺灣).May 1961 The FIRSTDistrict 345 Conference was held in Taipei(臺北), Taiwan (臺灣).1 July 1961 –30 June 1962The FIRSTDistrict 345 Governor from Hong Kong –Kenneth FungPing-Fan(馮秉芬), President 1949-1950 of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong(香港扶輪社).Later in 1971, he was the FIRST ethnic Chinese Rotarian decorated Knight Bachelor by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. 郭克悌K. T. Kwo 馮秉芬Kenneth Fung Ping-Fan
2May 1962Hong Kong (香港) was the first time to host the District 345 Conference.13 April1963Kaohsiung (高雄), Taiwan, was the first time to host the District 345 Conference.1963 -1973The FIRSTRotarian served as Chief Commissioner of The Boy Scouts Association, Hong Kong Branch (香港童子軍總會) –C. K. Lo (羅徵勤), M.B.E., J.P., President 1976-1977 of The Rotary Club of Hong Kong (香港扶輪社).23 February 1965The FIRSTset of 3 pieces Rotary-on-Stampin commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Rotary was, upon the proposal of District 345 via Governor E. T. Tsu (朱倚天) of Taipei, issued by the General Post Office of the Republic of China (中華民國郵政).1968The FIRSTRotaract Club was organized –The Rotaract Club of United College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (香港中文大學聯合書院扶輪青年服務團), sponsored by Hong Kong Island West Rotary Club (香港西區扶輪社)when the College campus thenwas located at the Western District of Hong Kong Island.1972 -1998The FIRSTRotarian served as President of the British Red Cross Society in Hong Kong「英國紅十字會(香港分會)」–Sir Run Run Shaw(邵逸夫爵士), Kt., G.B.M., C.B.E., President 1966-1967 of KowloonRotary Club(九龍扶輪社), Hong Kong.1 April 1973 -1981The FIRSTRotarian elected to serve as Chairman of the Hong Kong Urban Council (香港市政局)–The Honourable Arnaldo de Oliveira Sales (沙利士), C.B.E., J.P., President 1965-1966of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong (香港扶輪社).He was also the FIRSTRotarian to establish and be the first president of the Amateur Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kongsince 1951until 1997.