Program of Events


District Training Assembly Rundown

8:30 am

Registration and Refreshments

9:00 am

All be seated



FIRST PLENARY SESSION Chaired by District Training Assembly Chair Allen Au

9:05 am

Opening Remarks by District Training Assembly Chair Allen Au                                 

9:10 am

Welcome Address by District Governor Eugene Fong

9.15 am

Presentation by District Governor-elect Belinda Yeung

10:15 am

Announcement by Secretary General

10:20 am

Coffee Break


Breakout Session 1



Group A Participants:

(Presidents-elect, Incoming Assistant Governors and Incoming Deputy Assistant Governors)

Group B Participants:

(Incoming Secretaries and Treasurers and Incoming Club Officers for Club Administration, Membership, Service Projects, Rotary Foundation and Public Image)

 10:35 am

Breakout Session A1

a. Public Speaking by Past District Governor David Harilela  (30 min)


b. Be a Great Leader by District Governor-elect Belinda Yeung  (30 min)

Breakout Session B1

a. Roles and Responsibilities & Developing Goals and Resources by Incoming District Committee Chairs (60 min)

  • The Rotary Foundation by Past District Governor Peter Wan
  • Membership by Past District Governor Jones Wong
  • Public Image by Past District Governor Ada Cheng
  • Service Projects by District Governor Nominee Peter Pang
  • Club Administration by Incoming Chief District Secretary Alice Tsang
  • Fellowship by Past President Andy Li

  Breakout Session 

 11:40 am

Breakout Session A2

Team-building and Brain Storming Exercise

a. Sharing on Planning Guide for                     Effective Rotary Club (20 min)

b. Develop plans to support ‘Light Up Rotary’ Focus (20 min)

    • Light Up Membership
    • Light Up Service Projects
    • Light Up Engaging Families

c. Group presentation preparation by IAGs       (30 min)  

Breakout Session B2

a. Protocol Refresher ABC by Past District Governor Anthony Hung (15 min)

b. Private Coaching by Function by Incoming District Committee Chairs and District Leaders (Starts at 12:05 pm; 45 min)

  • The Rotary Foundation by Past District Governor Peter Wan
  • Membership by Past District Governor Jones Wong
  • Public Image by Past District Governor Ada Cheng
  • Service Projects chaired by District Governor Nominee Peter Pang
    • International Relations Program by Past District Governor David Harilela
    • Vocational Service by Past President Silva Yeung
    • Youth Services by Past District Governor Peter Wong
    • RAAS by Past President Wendy Mung
    • Organ Donation by Immediate Past District Governor Kenneth Wong 
    • Poverty Alleviation by Past President Andy Wong
  • Club Administration chaired by Incoming Chief District Secretary Alice Tsang
    • Rotary Club Central by District Governor Nominee-Designate Eric Chin
    • Club Finance by Past President Thomas Chan

12:50 pm

Adjourn to Lunch and Collect Puzzle No. 2


12:55 pm


  • Announcement by Secretary General
  • Promotion of  RI Convention 2015 by District Governor Nominee  Peter Pang
  • Promotion of District Installation by Past President Joyce Mak
  • Photo Session for District Governor-elect Team
  • Commencement of Lucky Draw



2:00 pm

Reporting of Breakout Session AChaired by District Training Assembly Chair Allen Au                      

3:15 pm

Presentation of 2014-2015 District Budget Chaired by Past District Governor Anthony Hung

3:30 pm

Announcement by Secretary General and Collect Puzzle No. 3


3:35 pm

CLOSING PLENARY SESSION Chaired by District Training Assembly Chair Allen Au 

  • Collect Evaluation Feedback Form and Distribute Puzzle No. 3
  • Presentation of Awards and Lucky Draw
  • Q&A
  • Final Remarks by District Governor-elect Belinda Yeung

4:00 pm

District Governor-elect Belinda Yeung to Adjourn the District Training Assembly



















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