Promotion of Organ Donation in China

DG Kenneth Wong

DG Kenneth Wong at RIC Centre

Dear all,
It is my pleasure to attach a self- explanatory report detailing a recent project on which D3450 has embarked in cooperation with the Chinese Ministry of Health.  It is about “Promotion of Organ Donation in China”. I am circulating this report to all the Presidents, District Leaders and District Officers of D3450, President David of RC of Beijing, President Mark of RC of Shanghai, and PP Anwer who has been running a “Rotary Group” in Guangzhou.  The Signing Ceremony which took place on 26 Dec was reported by the media in China.  A press article of the China Daily is attached for your reference.  The Phoenix TV Channel also gave a detailed report on the event which can be accessed through the attached link: .   It is encouraging that the press reports highlighted that the role of D3450 would help ensure the transparency and fairness of the new system of organ donation to be implemented in China.  Some pictures of the Signing Ceremony are also attached.

This is the first time the Chinese Government has formally invited our District to participate in a nation-wide project of great significance not only within China but also in the international arena.  It shows the trust and confidence of the Chinese Government in the professionalism, dedication, capabilities and international image of Rotarians.  The efforts we have made over the years in conducting various humanitarian programs in China have been effective and recognized.   The Signing Ceremony was witnessed not only by the Deputy Minister of Health, but also the Secretary for Food and Health of the HKSAR Government (Dr Ko Wing-man) and the Chairman of the Council of the University of Hong Kong (Dr. CH Leong).    Their speeches at the Signing Ceremony, besides mine, have all emphasized the important role of D3450 as reported by the press.  As this is the month of Rotary Awareness, the event was most apt in helping to raise the awareness of the community about the good work of Rotary.  No doubt as the project comes to fruition, Rotary will become even more widely known and appreciated in the Chinese community.

DG Kenneth exchanging signed Letter of Intent with Wang Liji, Director General of MoH 
Promotion of organ donation is a highly worthwhile project which I trust all Rotarians will be prepared to make their contributions.  The project will be implemented by rotary clubs in Hong Kong and Macau of D3450 in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and two universities, namely the University of Hong Kong and the Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, with Guangdong Province as the starting point.  It is expected that implementation will eventually be extended to all provinces in China.  The major areas of work in which D3450 will be engaged are summarized in paragraph 9 of the report attached.  If you wish to know more about the project, feel free to let me know or contact HW Fung, our District Secretary responsible for Committee matters, whose email address is


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a most peaceful and fulfilling New Year of 2013.

 Photos of signing Ceremony

Yours in Rotary
Kenneth Wong
District Governor 2012-13
Hong Kong, Macao & Mongolia

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