Relocation of Mail Server for District email system

Our new email system is cloud-based and runs under GMail as * We switched to this several years ago as our RIC emails were so large at over 25Gb per year.
However, the old system is still active and costing our sponsor an unnecessary amount of money to maintain about 200 email accounts. Individually they are not too expensive but many are redundant, forgotten, or underused.
Our solution is to move them to a new server and offer limited space and mail forwarding services. By moving them we will relieve our sponsor of this burden, reduce our reliance on an outsourced server, remove the obsolete accounts and still be able to offer timely and realistic service for those who need it. For example, we intend to offer the service if needed to our Rotaractors FOC,  whereas Rotarians may need to be made aware of the costs. Others are on a case by case basis.
Users can expect an email release this week to advise the account holders that they need to let us know their intentions and the possibility of data loss should they keep all their data on the server. It is not possible to transfer the data. This would be a huge security risk if it were possible.
Interestingly enough, as this affects all accounts under * is one such account.
Once relocated service should proceed as normal.
David Shelton-Smith
D3450 IT Committee
Vice-Chair 2020 – 21

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