Review Form 2019 ~ 20

This page provide an overview summary of the Membership and Attendance reports downloaded forms.

For use by RIC and District Secretaries and Membership Committee

  • The Visibility of the form is set to Defined Roles: Administrator, Editor, District Secretary, RIC_Admin
  • It is listed on the menu structure, but currently is only available to the above members.
  • All the columns can be put in Sorted order ( Click on the arrows at the Column Header )
    • To reverses the order Click again
  • You can limit the results by using the Search Box:
      • By Area 4 enter 4)
      • By Area 9 enter 9)
      • To find RC Kingspark enter Kingspark
    • The results are immediate.
    • All columns are searchable

    If you find an error you cannot correct it on this form you must correct the entry using the “Visual Form Builder Pro ‘Entries'” screen.

[vfb-display-entries id=23 fields=”Rotary Club{{2249}}, Month{{2293}}, Meetings Held{{2189}}, Meetings Cancelled{{2186}}, No. Regular Members{{2190}}, No. Club Honorary Members{{2196}}, Average attendance %{{2194}}, New Members{{2286}}, Membership Terminated{{2245}}, Entries ID”]



If you need a change to the form contact or RIC, for example if you want the order of columns changing, or a new column.

For more detailed results you will need the the downloaded spreadsheet file. Read our How To for this or ask RIC for the latest details.

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