Hot meals to the homeless at Shumshuipo with 明哥

Projects are done a Club by Club or jointly within Areas, District or Globally, often with the help of sponsors, read how the ladies of Rotary Club Bayview Sunshine are helping the old and needy in Hong Kong, Shamshuipo. Join a Club and get involved.

May 16th must be an auspicious date! A date when DG Eugene, members of RC of Causeway Bay and we ladies of RC of Bayview Sunshine Hong Kong have religiously called for an earlier work day to join hands with our service partner, Mr Chan Cheuk Ming (Ming) of Pei Ho Roast Meat Restaurant to deliver 250 meal boxes to street dwellers and needy seniors. The evening came in the midst of heavy rain and thunderstorm but as all good things that create positive energies and vibes, the sky opens up at 7pm just when we are going to start, paving ways for the twenty-some of us to march on. We have Rotarians from the two Clubs, Inner Wheels and families, RCCs and Project Leaders with Clients of our Club’s M.O.R.E. project of “Enjo Kosai -Compensated Dating” whereby the “Take” and “Give” comes in a full circle. This is the first time that our beneficiaries have participated “hands-on” and come “directly” with another beneficiary group, the girls were fully taken back by what they saw, reflecting on what are the “pertinent needs of life”; more discussions are created and hopefully such an event will also create further life changing experiences in their long journey in life.

We, participants are able to empathize with our clients and their situations as Mr Chan (Ming) explains to us about their predicaments: drug addictions, chronic physical illness, mental ailments, family desertions ….. the list goes on; as we visualize about our clients and picture them in our minds their difficulties the despair and isolation from the bigger communities of Hong Kong, at large.

We left with a more in-depth discussions with Mr Chan, understanding about his movement, his extensive plans particularly to “under-privileged minorities” and how he is pilot testing sauces that meet their taste; we know that there is still Hope! Love and plenty of them to go around if we are willing….. so we have more dates, more plans lined up….. Wait to hear of more from us!!!!!

A note to make is 16th May is also “Give & Gain Day 2014” in Hong Kong, please also check out their website and you will see our Club and the various projects which other Companies in Hong Kong are engaged.

P Eliza Fan


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