Serving Humanity Marketplace: Partnership in Mongolia Service Projects

Dear Presidents,


At PETS in March & April 2016, you were briefed on the opportunity of taking up service projects with Rotary & Rotaract Clubs in Mongolia under DG Eric’s initiative of Serving Humanity Marketplace.

Since then, we have further liaised with Mongolia (Areas 9 & 10) District Officers concerned and updated the list of Mongolia service projects. With the assistance of the Vice-chair of Mongolia Service Projects (AG KC Wong), a link on these Mongolia service projects has been prepared for your reference (please see the link below)


As you can see in the link above, there are 2 summary sheets of these projects (one sheet is on projects proposed by Mongolia Rotary Clubs; the other sheet is on projects proposed by Mongolia Rotaract Clubs). We hope the link will facilitate your Club in making an early decision in joining these service projects. 


For your information, so far, there are 7 projects proposed by Mongolia Rotary Clubs (our Hong Kong/Macao Clubs will join in 3 of the projects). There are also 8 projects proposed by Mongolia Rotaract Clubs (our Hong Kong/Macao Clubs will join in 3 of the projects). 


The benefits of joining these service projects are :


  1. It will bring a closer link between Clubs in Hong Kong & Macao with Clubs in Mongolia; and enhance our collaboration within RID 3450.


  1. These service projects are of a high quality and can address the needs of the underprivileged groups in Mongolia.


  1. The 2016-17 Presidential Citation : one of the qualifying requirements is that – ” Enhance a project’s scope and visibility by partnering with at least five other Rotary Clubs in your region”. This service project platform can facilitate your Club in meeting this requirement.


  1. Simplicity in joining these service projects : as indicated previously by DG Eric, your Club can consider providing some money (the amount can be a minimum of US$1,000) to meet the funding gap of the selected service project.


As DG Eric will lead our Presidents to visit Mongolia from 19 to 23 August 2016, could you and your Board please make an early decision on taking up these Mongolia service projects ? At the aforementioned visit, we will link up Hong Kong/Macao Clubs with Mongolia Clubs on their service project partnership.


If your Club has decided to take up the Mongolia service projects, please confirm with DS Eliza Fan (mailto: on the project, and the amount of your funding support. Please let us have the information by 30 July 2016.


Yours in Rotary,

Gary Yeung

Chair, Mongolia Service Projects (Serving Humanity Marketplace)

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