v35 RAAS Newsletter 2014.03.28

A Green Project “Organic Farming in the City 城市有機耕種方案” on 22 March 2014 was jointly organized by RAAS Committee, Rotary Club of Guia and Rotary Club of Happy Valley

Rotary Adopt A School Chair PDG Tony Wong, RAAS Environmental Program Sub-committee Chair President Mawin Cheung who is also the President of Rotary Club of Happy Valley and President Patrick Kang of Rotary Club of Guia had collaborated to carry out a Green Project by leading over 40 people inclusive of Rotarians, different representatives of NGOs such as Lions, Caritas, secondary schools, primary schools, nursery, mentally challenged association, youth association, banker, friends and family members from Macau to come over to Hong Kong for exchanging knowledge and studied various means for environment protection.
Several visits were conducted:

  • 1. Baptist Convention of Hong Kong Po Tin Kindergarten
    • The concept of “Train the Trainers” started from kindergarten! A well experience tutor presented the methods in a seminar to the parents and kids and then demonstrated how to plant the seeds in the garden.
  • 2. Easy Organic Farming
    • President Mawin presented ways of easy organic farming followed by 2 psychologists shared the means of treating anxiety and depression with plants and farming.
  • 3. Stewards MKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College
    • Principal Raymond Yip along with teachers and Green Club students provided us a guided tour to this “ecologically friendly” school. Students explained in details and introduced Corner of Nature, various kinds of fishes in big fish tanks, Trachemys scripta elegans 巴西 龜, 鱷魚龜, 綠鬚蜥 to us. We also climbed up to the top roof to visit the Green garden which comprised of different kinds of trees, plants and vegetables.

In addition, solar photovoltaics is a sustainable energy source and solar panels are in force in the top roof. Photovoltaics is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. As a result, not only does it save a lot of the electricity fees of the school, but also reduces at least 3-4 degrees of the 6th floor of that school building in summer!

  • 4. The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong
    • We learnt that floral therapy and eGardening can reduce mental stress and provide a sense of accomplishment to the mentally challenged. All of us enjoyed this visit very much.


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