v38 RAAS Newsletter 2014.04.17

A. Mock LegCo Workshop took place on 12 April (Saturday) at Education Activities Room, 3/F, Legislative Council Complex

B. MockCourt2014–Feedbackfrom2students(2)

Reflections on RAAS Mock Court 2014: What I learnt and what I enjoyed most

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Choi Kit Yee (Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School)
I have learnt many things and had a lot of fun from the mock court. I learned how to work with others as we tried to find out how we could win in these two cases. Moreover, my logical thinking skills were enhanced. It is a very useful thing in our daily lives. I am glad that I had the chance to join the mock court and visit the Customs Headquarters Building. I think it was a very meaningful activity for me.

Chow Sin On (Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School)
It was my great honor to be our school’s representative to attend the Mock Court as a court clerk. Although my task was rather easy, unlike the other lawyers, I still learnt a lot after this activity.

Throughout the day, I had learnt that self-confidence is the key to success. If we are confident enough to face the audience and keep trying, we may not be the best but at least we’ll have no regrets. It was really a brand-new experience for me. I enjoyed the
part when the prosecutors and defence lawyers persuaded the judge to accept their
arguments in court. Everyone was enthusiastic during the session. All these were impressive to me.

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