v39 RAAS Newsletter 2014.04.25

A. Tai Po Mock Court – Anti-Drug Operation will be held on 26 April (Saturday) at the High Court Building at 38 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong
It has been a collaborative project between Rotary Adopt A School and Junior Police Call for a number of years.
Drug Fighting Elite Scheme inclusive of:

  • 1. Legal System Workshop
  • 2. Arresting Trafficker Operation
    • a) Two different dangerous drug case
    • b) Stop and search
    • c) Highlight the harmful effects of drugs and the consequence of committing dangerous drug related offences
  • 3. Visit to Police Station
  • 4. Mock Court Trial
  • 5. Visit to Correctional Service Department facilities

Four Non-RAAS Participating Schools are:

  • Carmel Holy Word Secondary School
  • Hong Kong Taoist Association
  • The Yuen Yuen Institute No.2 Secondary School
  • Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School
  • St. Francis of Assisi’s College

B. MockCourt2014–Feedbackfrom5students(3)

Reflections on RAAS Mock Court 2014: What I learnt and what I enjoyed most
Ng Tsz Wing (Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School)

After I joined the Mock Court Programme, I have learnt the skill of persuasion. Although I was just an observer, I have learnt a lot through observing the simulating lawsuit. For instance, I have learnt the importance of confidence. Being confident is the first step to persuade others. It’s only when I believe in myself that others will put their trust in me.
Moreover, the pace of speaking is crucial. ‘Not too fast, not too slow’, as what the judge said. If I speak too fast, people may miss what I have said and may not have enough time to think about it. If I speak too slowly, people may forget what I have said before. A moderate speed would be favourable when speaking.

Huang Ching Ping (Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School)

It was my great honor to join the mock court activity. After visiting the court, I have learned more about the legal practice, for example, I got to learn more about how criminal and civil cases are handled in Hong Kong and how the magistrates or judges decide whether someone is guilty. Also, I noticed that the magistrates or lawyers need to be experts in the field and have excellent communication and organization skills. Therefore, being a judge, a magistrate, a barrister or a lawyer is not an easy task.
Court is the place where we find justice and wisdom. I surely love this place and I hope I can be a legal expert working there one day. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” I am a dreamer who will devote my heart and soul to become what I want to be.

Lo Chor Kwan (Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School)

Joining the Mock Court programme has given me a great and memorable experience. As a legal team member, I played the role of witness. Through the help from the lawyers and cooperation among team members, I’ve learnt a lot more about languages and rules of the court. For example, I have learnt that people need to bow once they enter the court. I have also learnt how to file a lawsuit and some miscellaneous things, like the seating arrangement in the High Court.
Meanwhile, I am glad that our team won the lawsuit. That’s the best return for our team’s hard work. All in all, I enjoyed the Mock Court programme because it has definitely broadened my horizons and extended my reach to a different field.

Yau Man Ho (Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School)

Last Saturday, we went to the High Court to join the Mock Court programme. During the programme, we engaged in a lawsuit concerning the Protection of Consumers’ Right and the Dutiable Commodities. Before we attended the competition, our school had invited two barristers to help. During the workshop, I found that a lawyer’s work could be so busy on weekdays. When I heard that I could be one of the mooters for a case, I felt very surprised and I enjoyed the programme very much. In the first case, I was on the defendant’s side. My job required me to think hard on how I can better protect the defendant’s interests.
After the judge delivered his judgment at the end of the trial, I found myself to be more confident and that possessing good communication skills could be the best weapon to compete with others in such a competitive society.

Tsang Chi Lun (Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School)

Mock Court is an unforgettable activity. This was a valuable day in my secondary school life as it was my first time going to the High Court. Without the Mock Trial, I couldn’t think of another reason to enter the place. During the competition, I was assigned to make final submissions. I feel regretful that my speech was not smooth enough. If I could have one more chance to do it again, I would do it much better. This activity lets me know more about the court and trials. I must address my hearty thanks to the Rotarians who provided an arena for secondary students to learn. Thank you!

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