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RAAS Newsletter Iss 41

A. A meeting in Macao was held by Rotary Adopt A School Committee, Rotary Club of Guia and Rotary Club of Happy Valley jointly with 澳門弱智人士家長協進會 on 6 May 2014

President Patrick Kang, PE Crystal Luk and members of Rotary Club of Guia had kindly arranged and attended the captioned meeting together with RAAS Chair PDG Tony Wong, President Mawin Cheung and PP Wendy Mung in order to discuss the feasibility of collaboration of service projects to serve the mentally challenged among these 4 parties. It was the fruitful result from their site visit to Hong Kong on 22 March 2014 including visited Baptist Convention of Hong Kong Po Tin Kindergarten, Easy Organic Farming, Stewards MKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College and The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong.

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One of the main service projects will include organic farming which provide care and concerns to the afore-said needy in Macao, support them by offering vocational training to them so that they can acquire the job opportunities and integrate into the society. In addition, train the teachers and parents of the mentally challenged thus it can enhance better bonding, increase more interactions and improve effective communications among themselves via this Green Project which will be led by President Mawin Cheung and President Patrick Kang. Consequently, it is expected that apart from environmental protection by reducing carbon, the mentally challenged can augment cognition, attain affirmation and have a sense of accomplishment, facilitate their mental health by reducing stress and stabilizing their emotions through this structured organic farming project.

B. MockCourt2014–Feedbackfrom3students(5)
Reflections on RAAS Mock Court 2014: What I learnt and what I enjoyed most

Ho Sze Ngai (Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School)

Earlier this month, we joined the mock court programme and we finished it with the help of two barristers. It was an excellent programme, from which I had a chance to learn from professional lawyers. The debating skills I learnt would help to enhance my communication techniques and be more rational when thinking. Furthermore, the competition has also improved my memory as I had to memorise all the questions our team had asked in court, which was a difficult job. Eventually, I’ve learnt from the speech of the judge too, he told us that we should be more confident when speaking so that we can leave a better impression on others. This programme has taught me so much that I hope more students can take part in and learn from it in the future.

Chan Chi Hoi (Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School)

Mock court is a meaningful activity. I thought the lawsuit was very complicated before I attended this event. After the lawsuit, I still thought it was a difficult task but the process was more straightforward and simpler than I had imagined.
After participating in this activity, I found justice in the legal process and equality before the law. Everyone is treated equally when they are standing in the court.
In the meantime, I got to learn more about the necessary procedures in a lawsuit. I am also more familiar with some of the examination skills. In addition, my presentation skills and problem-solving abilities have been greatly improved.
Mock Court has helped us to understand legal proceedings successfully. I hope that similar events can be organized for students more often.

Lau Kwok Hei (Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School)

I am one of the prosecutors in the Mock Court. In fact, I was not a teammate at the beginning. Then, my teacher said that they needed someone to be the think tank or observers, so the team leader Chan Chi Hoi nominated me to be the think tank. After the first meeting on March 21, we found that one prosecutor was not enough and we needed one more. As a result, I became a prosecutor.
During preparation, I was very nervous as I had to speak in front of the camera. On the other hand, I was worried that the words I said could pose a potential threat to the chance of winning. But after the Mock Court, I found that it was not as difficult as I had thought it was. I also found that I have become more confident in speaking.
Finally, we won the case. I think we need to thank the witness from Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department. He was really logical and the evidence he gave was a great support for our case.

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