Weekly Bulletin: Issue 06, 14 Aug 2015

District Fellowship Party “Bollywood Night ” Saturday, Oct 24.

It was wonderful meeting you at the 2nd JPM. As I succinctly touched on, The Object of Rotary is to, foremost of all, encourage and foster. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service. This amply exemplifies the importance of Fellowship in the Rotary context. Fellowships also provides opportunities for Rotarians to make lasting friendships outside of your own clubs, contribute to the advancement of understanding & peace, and serve as an incentive for attracting new members & retaining existing ones. Fellowship is indeed the foundation of Rotary! However, a Party can not happen without the Party-Goers. BOLLYWOOD NIGHT can only succeed with your ardent support. I would be most grateful if you could please lend me a much needed helping hand to encourage participation from your clubs. Here are my suggestions: (….read more)

– PDG Jones Wong

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