Weekly Bulletin: Issue 14, 9 Oct 2015

Rotary Global Rewards Guildline Enjoy  The Benefits
Invited to join the China Trade Expo for SMEs (83) on 10-13 Oct 2015


It would be a good opportunity for us to promote Rotary core values to  the business sector in both Hong Kong and China, and also to enhance our  connections with professionals and business leaders in China and Hong  Kong.
Date: 10-13 Oct 2015 Venue: Po ly World Trade Centre Expo  A8)& nbsp; in Guangzhou Contact Person: DS Frederick  Ng  9042 7077   frederick.ng@pruhk.com

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) on  17 Oct 2015

Date: 17 Oct 2015,
Sat Time: 9:30am to  4:45pm
Venue: Regal Hong Kong Hotel
Fee:  HK$500 per person Registered:
RIC, ric@rotary3450.org

Please actively participate in Bollywood Night on 24  Oct 2015

There are Over 100 people have prepaid We are hoping more will register in the coming weeks, capping at  150 An tentalizing array of Indian appetizers, main courses, desserts,  wine, beer & soft drinks have been meticulously  planned Indian music by an Indian DJ for you to dance the night  away Beautiful keep sakes from India for the ladies Prizes for the best dressed lady, gent &  couple Bollywood Dance performance by a professional dance  company Bollywood dance routine by KGM99s very own Gautam to involve  participants from the party The venue will be decorated by a Indian decor professional who  volunteers the service I look forward to welcoming Prospective Members from the Memberships  Committee

Peace through Mediation 93
Select Young Peace  Ambassador on 31 Oct  2015

Selection Criteria

15-16 Rotary District 3450
Mentorship  Programme

Program: District 3450  Mentorship Program – Mentors  Workshop
Date: 24 October, 2015  (Saturday) Time: 9:00am –  1:30pm Venue: Run Run Shaw  Building, Room 301, University of Hong  Kong Program: District 3450  Mentorship Program – Inauguration  Ceremony
Date: 17 November, 2015  (Saturday) Time: 10:00am –  2:00pm Venue: The Good Lab, L1,  The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street, West  Kowloon

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards  2015/16
 The  Purpose is:

1. Emphasizes on developing  participants99 social leadership and  social
  innovation. 2.  Participants are given opportunities to get in touch  with  social innovation and smart living concepts through  participating  workshop.

3. Visiting giant corporates  in China and can obtain comprehensive
 understanding of the latest technologies  development that broadens  their horizon. 4. &n bsp; Strength their communication skills, establish their  self93confidence  and enhance their personal development by joining the  leadership  training camp.

PPE – Renewal and New Application  of
Rotary Green Club  2015/16

This year, we hope we can achieve 100% Green  Club!

To achieve this, we need your help to promote green as well as follow  the steps mentioned in the application forms attached whichever suit  your club and return the form to below people: PPE Chair George  Li ( gli.wing@gmail.com ) and DGN HW Fung ( hw.fung@rcmhk.org ) via email at your earliest convenience.

The Deadline for the Rotary Green Club Award application is 4 May,  2016!

RC of Shouson Hill – Michael Kobold Talk on 12 Oct  2015

RC of Bayview Sunshine HK –
Talk on 28 Oct 2015

to share about Qianhai development at our regular  meeting
Details are:
Date: 28 Oct 2015 (Wed) Time: 7:30pm to  9:30pm Venue: Club Lusitano, 16 Ice House St., Central,  HK Meal Charge: HK$330 Registered: Connie Yu at conniemcyu@yahoo.com.hk

RC of KGM – Murder at the Oscars on 21 Nov 2015

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